Our Vision & Goal

Our goal is to make the POWER of God known to this generation and to teach the gospel in a practical way, so that men and women coming in contact with God might experience a wholesome transformation in Spirit, Soul and Body. The important thing within our ministry is that people hear the word and are able to apply it to their lives, and as a result experience spiritual growth and growth in every area of their lives.

The various ministries available within the church has been designed to meet this goal, and all the ministry and department leaders are well equipped with the appropriate training to offer the support and guidance that is needed to help you in your development as a Christian and a person in general.

As a ministry we also focus on the practicalities of the Christian life through our different community work, and world missions that we are involved in; to practise love, and to empower people with the knowledge of God and what they can achieve through Him.

Our work has revolved around sharing the love of Christ through preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus, teaching counselling, organising seminars in the community.

We are passionately involved in the following projects :

  • Ministering to the Homeless and Re-housing them, Alcoholics and People with misuse of substance (drug related problem).
  • Assisting , supporting, and counselling people with depression and mental health problems.
  • Mentoring Project which will focus on youth who are out of School due to loss of interest or poor performance and those with loss of identity.
  • Supporting men and women with marital problems.

Our Mission

Here in CALM, we believe that MISSIONS is the heart-beat of God and hence as a Church, we focus so much on missions and on annually basis see how we can further reach to the uttermost parts of the earth.